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 "Turn-Key Equipment Package"

My family and I have had the privilege to provide a corn maze for our community since 2005 and it's been an absolutely amazing experience!  It's now time for a change so we will be selling all of our corn maze equipment as a "turn-key package" ideal for someone who is interested in starting an agritourism business from scratch or adding a corn maze event to their current activities.  No real estate will be included in the sale. The buyer will responsible for picking up and transporting the equipment from our farm in Caseville, Michigan.  (we can recommend local services for loading and transportation if needed)  And of course, we'll be glad to offer some tips and suggestions as you begin your exciting new adventure! :)

Below is a list of items included in the package, many of which are posted to our "Corn Maze For Sale" facebook page.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about specifics or to request more photos or appointments.  We're planning on holding an online auction (date not yet determined) to give all interested buyers a chance to participate.  If you would like to be notified when the online auction begins email us at depnerfarms (at) gmail.com , call or text Dan Depner at (989) 963-9531 Thank you for your interest!

Cornmaze-mobile (1966 Ford F-100) with Rooster Horn for Parades and/or Mobile Billboard.
8 x 12' Portable Ticket/Concessions Booth with Hinged Awnings on 3 sides with electrical wiring, lights, outlets and PA.
Air Powered Corn Cannon, Mount, Corn Bullets, Tire Target/Netting/Poles, and Display Sign
60 gallon Air Compressor with 3 cylinder, 4HP Pump and 100' Goodyear Hose
Overhead projector (for sign-making)
Easy Pop-Up Canopy with 4 sides & stakes
Electric/Corded Portable PA and Microphone
8 Midland 2 way radios
Fog Machine & Extra Fog Juice
Commercial popcorn machine
Large Fridge/Freezer (normal size)
Small Mini-Fridge (dorm room size)
Medium Mini-Fridge (dorm room size)
Small Chest Freezer
Full Size Coleman Ice Chest
"Buck" the talking/singing Deer
Electric Cash Register and Extra Paper Rolls
Gumball/Candy Machine
Karaoke Machine, Assorted Music CDS & Microphone
Microwave Oven
Radio Shack Audio Amp/ Mixer
Dell LCD Projector
DVD Player & extra movies
Behringer Self-Powered 12" PA Speaker
Apple iPod
Microphone & XLR Cord
Tic Tac Toad Outdoor Game & Seats (Incl. hand-painted Sign)
Apples & Oranges Outdoor Game & Seats (Incl.  hand-painted sign)
Steer Roping (2 heads) and Lasso's (Incl. hand-painted sign)
Corn Toss Board & Bean Bags
Corn Hole Game and Sign Post
4 playground swings (incl. hooks & chains) Posts optional
Covered Sandbox and Toys, 8x6'
2 Playground Tractor tires
Corn Bowling Game
Corn Tee-Pee poles
Horseshoes and Stakes
Cider & Donuts Hand-painted A-Frame Sign,
Flashlight Maze & Movies Hand-painted A-Frame Sign,
Thank you for visiting Hand-painted  A-Frame Sign,
Welcome Hand-painted A-Frame Sign,
Cannon/MazePumpkin/HayRide Hand-Painted A-Frame Sign
Maze Rules Hand-Painted Sign
Miscellaneous Yard and Corn Maze Hand-Painted Signs
Miscellaneous Props
2 dry erase A-frame signs
Extra H-Wire Road Sign Frames
6 wooden painted pumpkins
2 Plastic Owls,
Iron Horseshoe Butterfly Yard Decoration
Foam Turkey Decoy
Yellow Chicken Suit
Metal Wheelbarrow
"Pay Here" Slotted Mailbox
Extra Wooden Pallets
Galvanized Tub
Box of Scarecrow clothing
Small Red Wagon with inflatable tires
Box of Flashlights
8 Maze Mailboxes
Baskets & Decorative Containers
Countertop sign displays
Chip/candy clip- rack
Kids pumpkins paints and glue, etc.
Small, Med and Large Plastic Totes
Dry Erase and Permanent Markers
2 Metal Money Boxes
Money Belt
Yard Torches &,Fuel
Battery Lantern
11 Hot Dog Forks
Plastic Kitchen Trash Container
Garbage Cans
Small plastic kiddie swimming pool
Promotional Corn/Plastic Bags for merchandise
Indoor Scarecrow
Postcard rack
Wire 5-shelve stand-alone unit
6 Plastic Jack-O-Lanterns
Extra Tyvek colored wristbands
Box of 5x7 Ziplock Food/Candy Storage Bags
Custom-made concessions tickets
Roll of red tickets
Straw Cowboy Hat
Halloween outdoor mini-lights
Credit Card Imprinter
Electric Adding Machine with paper roll
3 Green Stained Outdoor Campfire Benches
Campfire Ring and Bricks
9 Yellow Picnic Tables (Painted wood with galvanized frames)
Extra Galvanized Picnic Table Frames including Nuts and Bolts
Plus more miscellaneous items...

Note: An International 400 air planter may also be included. 

Click here for equipment photos on facebook

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We will be auctioning all of our corn maze equipment as a "turn-key package"
this coming spring 2017, so if you are interested please let us know.  Thank you
so much for your A-mazing support over the past 10 years!

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